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10 Tips to Help You Master the Drive-In

Aug 29, 2018

Going to a new place can be intimidating; you may not know what to expect or how to properly prepare. Don’t stress about coming to the drive-in because we have you covered! After reading these 10 tips, you’ll have people thinking you’ve been coming here for years!

Movies My Way: Who doesn’t love a discount? Start your night by planning your trip on the Movies My Way tab on our website. This allows you to plan your entire night and awards you with a discounted item from the concession stand.

Arrive Early: Beat the traffic and arrive early. Gates typically open an hour before the first scheduled start time during the week and 90 minutes early on weekends. The drive-in will fill up, so avoid the long lines and find the perfect spot as early as you can. We don’t want you to miss any part of your movie.

Dress Comfortably: There’s no need to dress up to go to the drive-in. Wear your most comfortable clothes and enjoy a fun, relaxing night of movies.

Bring Blankets: Take comfort to the next level by bringing a blanket to stay warm while you lay beneath the stars.

Portable Radio: If you’re nervous about your car battery dying, bring a portable radio. The audio from our movies is transmitted through an FM radio station, making a portable radio the ideal solution.

Family Fun Night: Get the whole family together and celebrate Family Fun Night with us every Tuesday. Going to the movies should be a fun and affordable family experience, so stop by for added entertainment and discounted admission prices!

Double Features: What’s better than one movie? TWO movies for the price of one! Be sure to check our website because we frequently offer double features. Like we said, going to the movies should be fun and affordable.

Food: No snacks? No problem. We have you covered! Popcorn, pizza, candy, cotton candy. You name it, we have it! It is our pleasure to satisfy all your snack cravings.

Pack Lawn Chairs: Sometimes it gets a little tight crammed in a car together. The best way to avoid this is to bring lawn chairs. Our spaces are big enough to accommodate this, so either crank up the car or portable radio and enjoy your movie outside.

Bring Entertainment: No one likes waiting, but sometimes we don’t have a choice. Make the time pass by bringing extra entertainment! We have arcade games in the concession stand but also welcome you to pass the time how you see fit. Bring a deck of cards or cornhole game as you wait for the sun to set.

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