West Wind Drive-In Blogs

Best Picture Over the Years

Feb 07, 2017

With the Academy Awards just around the corner, I started to think about the winners of the past and which movies have won best picture in the years that West Wind Drive-Ins opened since 1952. The first West Wind Drive-In opened in 1952. Best Picture - The Greatest Show on Earth  The Coliseum D ...

Un Padre No Tan Padre is Coming to the Glendale Drive-In

Jan 19, 2017

Opening January 27, 2016 at the Glendale Drive-In, Un Padre No Tan Padre will be the first Spanish language movie of the year.  This comedy from Pantelion Films is rated PG-13. Currently, it is 60% fresh with 98% of the users wanting to see it on Rotten Tomatoes.  Set in the stately and majestic col ...

Coolest Thing To Do In Concord

Jan 18, 2017

It's Saturday Night and you are looking for something fun to do but just can't figure it out? SFGate just put our their list of the Coolest Thing to do in each Bay Area City.  So, If you live in the Concord area, you are in luck.  The Solano Drive-In is Concord's Cool Thing! Open 365 day a year, you ...