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First Timer at the Drive-In

Jun 29, 2016

When I found out I would be interning this summer at a company that owns drive-in movie theaters, I was beyond excited. So, when looking for something to do this past weekend, the answer was obvious. Go to my first drive-in movie! On Friday I jumped in the car with my best friend and we drove to the West Wind Solano Drive-In in Concord to see Finding Dory.

 As we approached the entrance, I excitedly asked for two tickets and bought a tub for popcorn at the ticket window (tip: buy the tub at the ticket window so you can skip the popcorn line inside). Then we passed through a giant yellow arch and were sent back in time. 

Upon entering, we drove to our screen and scouted out the perfect parking spot. We got there early and had first choice; I definitely recommend getting there early for popular movies in order to get a choice spot. 


As I walked to the snack bar, I passed children laughing and playing at the playground and jumping in the bouncy house.


Inside the main building are classic arcade games, which I couldn’t pass up. I fought for my life against zombies, dance danced my way to a high score, and tried to win something with the claw. Then it was time to get movie snacks.


 West Wind has everything you could want—popcorn, nachos, soda, candy, ice cream, hot dogs, cotton candy…just to name a few! Naturally, I had to try some of everything.


Seeing the seasoned drive-in goers, next time I’ll bring chairs and blankets and sit outside to enjoy the beautiful summer night. We tuned to the radio station and listened to the pre-shows as we waited for the sky to darken. I was again struck by the sense of community and family fostered at West Wind; a woman came on the radio to announce the names of five kids who had birthday parties at the drive-in and everyone honked their horns to celebrate.

The magic peaked when the Disney castle and Pixar lamp appeared on the screen, and I realized I was about to watch my first drive-in movie. Then the movie started and I was hooked. I could see every detail on the big screen, and the sound was inches away from me. I laughed and cried as Dory and her crew of adorable friends warmed my heart. Finding Dory was amazing! If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend you head down to your nearest West Wind Drive-In this weekend for some family entertainment. As the credits rolled and we followed the crowd out of the drive-in, I was happy I picked the perfect way to spend my Friday night. I can’t wait to go back and spend time with the family I am now part of at West Wind Drive-In.

Alexa Graziani
Summer Intern


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