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Best Picture Over the Years

Feb 07, 2017

With the Academy Awards just around the corner, I started to think about the winners of the past and which movies have won best picture in the years that West Wind Drive-Ins opened since 1952.

The first West Wind Drive-In opened in 1952.
Best Picture - The Greatest Show on Earth 

The Coliseum Drive-In opened in 1964.
Best Picture - My Fair Lady

The Santa Barbara Drive-in opened in 1966
Best Picture - A Man for All Seasons

The Solano Drive-In opened in 1968
Best Picture - Oliver!

1971 was a busy year for West Wind Drive-Ins.  We opened 3 drive-ins.  The Las Vegas Drive-In opened on March 17 followed by the El Rancho Drive-In on May 24 and the Capitol Drive-In on May 25.
Best Picture - The French Connection

The Glendale Drive-In is the last drive-in that is currently in operation to open in 1979.
Best Picture - Kramer vs. Kramer

Who will win in 2017? 

La La Land
Hell or High Water
Hidden Figures
Hacksaw Ridge
Manchester by the Sea

If you haven't seen these movies there is still time before the winner is announced on February 26. 


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