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Revival of Americana

Jul 16, 2015

It wasn’t long ago that the fields of cement had weeds sprouting in between cracked pavement, and old rusted speakers once used for audio hung limply on wires burnt from the sun. Drive-in movie theaters were, for all intents and purposes, a dying breed. And yet somehow as consumers made the move to indoor multi-plex theaters with great shopping options, stadium seated auditoriums, and luxury screening rooms, West Wind Drive-In and Public Market held ground. Despite many drive-in movie theaters closing, West Wind has stayed strong, updating its expansive presentation with crystal-clear digital projection and audio that streams through your car radio.

New and loyal customers note consistent improvements over the years, commemorating the preservation of drive-in nostalgia, but still offering everything in today’s current climate. All the movies are Hollywood’s current hottest flicks. The snack bar and concession offerings go far beyond the traditional popcorn and soda. West Wind offers hand-dipped ice cream, hot dogs and hamburgers, slushies, churros and nachos and features chocolate and Jelly Belly filled candy bins. From sweet or savory food options, to the comfort of watching the hottest flicks in your pajamas, movie-goers experience a unique and memorable way of viewing their movie.

One customer from Sacramento has been going to West Wind Drive-In for the past 10 years. One of the reasons being her son is special needs, and a traditional theater does not allow her and her son to comfortably see a movie. Another customer loves being able to bring her young children and not have to worry about how much noise they make.

For families, West Wind offers a fun and inclusive way to spend a night out. Load up your car, because kids 5 - 11 are just $1 each. Not only that, for busy moms hosting their child’s sleepover party, West Wind offers playgrounds, arcade games and a fun and safe way for kids and their friends to watch a movie.

For those of you who have experienced live theater, attending the drive-in is similar to watching the curtain go up and the opening number hitting you in a big way. Full digital presentation lights up on the largest outdoor screens, with the latest movies, and as the sun starts to settle in the sky and the moon looms overhead, the magic of the drive-in shines through.

This is the magic West Wind continues to deliver to movie-goers. West Wind is a place for family, fun, memories and a unique experience.  Enjoy big box office films under the stars, rain or shine. So when you think of your next moviegoing experience, think West Wind Drive-Ins.

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