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Guy and Girl enjoying popcorn

First Date

First date?  Resurrect the fun of movies by going to the drive-in.  You can even have a picnic on one of the many tables outside the concession area before the movie starts.  Unlike an indoor theatre, where you have to sit quietly for the duration of a movie, an outdoor movie gives you plenty of opportunity for conversation and socialization that's not possible in a typical movie house.  

The experience at a drive-in can't be beat.  As the sky turns to dusk and cars begin to fill the lot, there's much more excitement and anticipation before the show, unlike the typical experience at an indoor theatre.  It's also fun to watch how families, friends and couples prepare for the show.  Many settle into cars; others like to use folding chairs; some like to use blankets and pillows in the backs of their vehicles.  I've even seen a portable pool in the back of a pickup truck and a big couch on a flatbed trailer!  Even the movie screens at the drive-in are bigger than what most indoor theatres provide.  Talk about a unique experience! 

People who go to the drive-in know it's more about the adventure than just the movie itself.  So if you decide to go to the drive-in on your first date, congratulations on your fine choice! It will be a special evening that both of you will never forget.  

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