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Glow Sticks at drive in

Arrive Early and Have Fun!

It's no secret, the drive-in has always provided good entertainment and fun activities for generations of families for over 80 years.  And since there's so much more to the drive-in than just watching movies, the fun factor is increased for those who arrive early.  

Besides getting in faster and finding that perfect parking spot, near the concession building there's a play area with modern playground equipment for the kids to play on.  Inside, you'll find a variety of video games and arcade equipment that can appeal to just about anyone.  

Also, you won't want to miss out on your chance to get some light up toys.  They're fun, colorful, bright and available in different varieties and colors.  They're also the most economical and versatile fun items you can get at the drive-in. Why?  Because kids of all ages love them and they last for hours!  They can be seen lit up during the day, however the fun factor is multiplied once it starts getting dark.  They can be spun around to create light patterns, used to play catch outdoors, tossed in the air to be seen as colorful streaks of light and can be placed in items such as plastic bottles, balloons or anything transparent to be made into colorful displays.  For safety, give each kid a glow stick to be used as a necklace, this way you can easily keep up with each other in the dark and allows you to be visible to others.  Remember, safety first and most of all, have fun!  

So don't miss out.  Pick up a glow stick or glow sword at West Wind Drive-Ins! Arrive early, have fun and get the most out of your evening's entertainment.

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