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Five Reasons Why You Should Spend Date Night at the Drive-In

Aug 22, 2018

Looking for the perfect place to spend date night? Well, take a leap back in time and experience the uniqueness of a drive-in movie. No, you may not see the venue flooded with letterman jackets and classic cars like in the past, but being able to watch a movie under the beautiful, starry summer sky is something that can’t be replicated. We’ve come up with five reasons why you should spend your next date night at the drive-in!

1. It’s Timeless: Back in the day, drive-ins were the premiere spot to spend date night! There may not be the classic cars or squawk boxes, but the drive-in still provides a sense of nostalgia that will make you feel like you traveled back in time to the 1950’s. 

2. It’s Affordable: Everyone loves going to the movies but let’s be honest, it can be expensive. That’s not the case at West Wind. We strongly believe that going to the movies should be affordable for all. We also frequently offer double features, so why break the bank when you can watch two movies for the price of one?

3. Privacy: Enjoy movies in the privacy of your own space. Pop the seats down, bring a blanket and snuggle with your significant other as you watch the newest and most popular movies.

4. You Can Talk: This goes hand-in-hand with privacy. If you missed an important line or don’t understand what’s going on, ask your significant other. If you simply want to ask if they want popcorn, you can do it without disturbing anyone around you. Ask away and then go get that popcorn!

5. You Are In Control: Gone are the days of sitting in a freezing or stuffy theater. At the drive-in, you are in control! Adjust the temperature to your liking and watch in comfort. Also, you are in control of how and where you watch your movie. Snuggle up in the bed of a pickup truck, lay the seats down or get some lawn chairs and crank the radio up.

Going to the movies is a classic way to spend date night. Why not try a new twist by watching the newest movies at the drive-in? The drive-in provides movie watchers with an affordable, unique and timeless movie-watching experience that you will never forget.


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